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~~~~Romantic Vacation Town House Boat in Paris~~~~

Welcome to Quai48 Paris Vacation Rentals and passage to another life style on the Bateau Simpatico, a Dutch péniche (cargo barge) launched in 1916, converted to charter in the seventies and lastly transformed into a luxurious vacation rentals townhouse located in the center of Paris, France.

Why settle for a "mere hotel room" for your Paris vacation ?

Situated in the Port de Suffren at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the Simpatico is one of the few truely romantic vacation rentals in Paris that one naturally hopes to find when seeking an unusual holiday accommodation to the general selection of small hotel rooms and apartments of limited interest.  Navigating from cargo barge to charter and now town house boat, Simpatico has been tastefully reconverted in the traditional style of classic wooden ships and offers the luxury and comfort of your own holiday home in an especially and delightfully romantic setting that is the river Seine in Paris,
the city of light.

Your own floating townhouse - Parisian, exotic, private, safe and convenient

Among the many vacation rentals apartments and holiday homes in Paris you'll find the Simpatico to be an exceptionally well located Parisian townhouse as well as an integral part of its history and community. Peacefully moored in the center of Paris Simpatico is only steps away from all the neighborhood bistrots, restaurants, shops, hotels, monuments and old stone that make Paris so special for all of us.
And when planning a visit to Mont St. Michel, Versailles, the Louvre or any of the many famous and lesser known treasures in and around Paris either by foot, bicycle, boat, train, or taxi, you'll find them all within convenient and immediate reach of the
Bateau Simpatico - Port de Suffren - Paris, France

An exotic vacation rentals apartment and personal reception on a classic Parisian town house boat located on the left bank of the Seine and the Avenue de Suffren at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

Ideal for your romantic honeymoon vacation or just a special holiday
on the Seine in Paris France.


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